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    If you have a mentor to help with your product and service promotions the affiliate marketing journey should take you from losing thousands to making over $2000 a day.

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    Free tips from authority sites to help you learn online and market your website by offering invaluable information such as eBooks, audios, videos software, and training.

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    Promotional tools such as landing pages, banners, articles, affiliate tracking and reporting software will help affiliate marketers monetize their website and promote merchants better.

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    We use our computers every day, for work, to socialize or to get world news. With increased computer use there is more risk of being scammed. Learn some of the latest scams on the internet.

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    Do you know what the best affiliate marketing products are for you? Reviews the top rated programs and see how each compare to each other by price and features.

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    Discovering how to promote a program or a product for a company or individual is not easy. Joining mastermind groups and reading news releases will help you choose the right system to make income.

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    What Our Client’s Say

    I have just about every computer gadget there is.  However, I don’t know how to use them the best.  I’m very busy and have little time so Derment helps me find ways to use my computer for the benefit of Kosen-Rufu. Now, I’m finding Individual happiness & World Peace online!

    I don’t know anything about computers.  I have one although, I hardly use it.  I’m afraid of it!  I tried calling people for help to no avail.  I called Derment and he reduced my internet learning curve with one phone consultation.  I’m learning faster thanks to his knowledge.


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